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More convenient and effective ways to maintain a neat and tidy workplace environment may provide a greater range of benefits than many businesses might realize. From making certain that customers and visitors are more likely to form a positive first impression to minimizing the risk of a mishap, accident or damage to the property, arranging to have the office cleaned by a professional is often the best approach to take. Leaving the cleaning to the professionals can go a long way towards ensuring that businesses are able to create and maintain a more professional environment.

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Choosing the Right Service Provider

Contractors and commercial cleaning and janitorial professionals may differ considerably in terms of the quality and range of services that each is able to provide. Business owners who elect to work with a lesser option or to contract a service provider who may not be equal to the task are much less likely to be pleased with the result. Maintaining the best workplace environment possible is an important responsibility, one that businesses who choose to work with the best cleaning services will be able to manage far more easily and effectively.


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Janitorial Services

More Time for Work

A common mistake that many businesses make is to burden their staff with cleaning duties, often in an effort to save on costs. Tasking professionals who may have other more pressing responsibilities to maintain the environment can erode productivity and actually end up resulting in greater long-term expense. Business owners who choose to free their staff from such obligations are ensuring that their employees will have the additional time, energy and focus needed to achieve greater efficiency. Ineffective use of manpower is a misstep that business owners would do well avoid.


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We offer many commercial cleaning services to the Las Vegas community, below are some of the most popular.

Commercial Cleaning

We are the #1 commercial cleaning service in Las Vegas, NV.

Medical Office Cleaning

We work a variety of medical offices to keep their spaces up to par.

Apartment Cleaning

Apartment complexes love our cleaning services!


About Our Company

Maintaining the Right Image

An office or other workplace environment that is shabby, rundown or unkempt rarely broadcasts the right image. Businesses that may lack the staff or equipment needed to better maintain their surroundings may find it far more difficult to cast themselves in a more professional light. First impressions count for a lot and a business's brand is a uniquely valuable asset. Professional cleaning and janitorial services offer a more convenient way to maintain a clean office, tidy workplace and an environment that will convey the right image.

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Benefits of hiring us:

Improved Workplace Morale

Working, day in and day out, in messy surroundings can quickly become a source of frustration. Businesses that fail to provide their employees, staff and associates with a more comfortable environment often find that morale may begin to suffer as a result. Regular visits from a fully-equipped and trained cleaning staff make it much easier to keep everything neat and tidy. A well kept and attractive workspace can be a major asset when it comes to keeping the entire staff focused, engaged and on-task. If a rundown office is causing problems, business owners would do well to invest in professional service providers able to offer superior solutions.

Preventing Larger Issues

A workplace that is being poorly maintained is far more likely to suffer from a more significant and costly environmental issue. Having to cover the costs to replace a carpet, resolve a plumbing issue or to address any other issue that could have been prevented with routine cleaning and professional environmental maintenance solutions can often become a major expense. The relatively small costs needed to arrange regular cleaning services should be looked upon as a long-term investment, one that will help to ensure that offices and other environments are able to be maintained and managed with far greater ease.

Minimizing Accident Risks and Liability

Environments that are messy, disorganized or poorly maintained are far more likely to contain safety hazards that may go unnoticed. Routine cleaning is essential for ensuring that a fall or other type of accident is less likely to occur on the premises. Employers who choose to make due without the services and assistance of a professional in an effort to curb their overhead could find themselves the target of a worker's comp claim or an accident suite that may end up costing a whole lot more in the long run. Keeping the workplace clean is the first step towards ensuring that any safety concerns are able to be more effectively identified and addressed.

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Working with Office Cleaning Las Vegas, LLC has been a great experience. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new cleaning service in the area!


One of the best commercial cleaners I have ever worked with!


Seriously an amazing service with friendly staff.


Working with Office Cleaning Las Vegas, LLC has been a great experience. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new cleaning service in the area!