Hire an Office Cleaning Company to Help Reduce Pests

The comfort and appearance of an office suite makes an impact on clients and customers. Not every business, of course, can afford class A building rents or plush carpeting or solid oak desks and paneling. Yet even modest enterprises know the value of cleanliness, tidiness and order in terms of customer perceptions. Few things shout disorder like the presence of unwelcome pests and insects. Still, before calling the exterminator and facing a large bill, consider the possibility that these loathsome critters are simply responding to an instinct. If so, an ounce of prevention savea a pound on an expensive cure.

Granted, working in an office building sometimes means suffering from the mess made by neighbors. Nevertheless, there are measures that do effectively reduce the visits of myriad insects and rodents. For one thing, food should always be contained. Whether saved or discarded, fresh or stale, edibles are a clarion call to pests of all kinds, particularly cockroaches and mice. After they have eaten their fill, these bugs and creepy crawlers will seek cover and camp out. Offices replete with clutter–e.g. binders and files piled high on desks and the floor; unused furniture shoved against walls–are inviting digs for these creatures while waiting on their next meal.

Keeping on top of building management to seal up cracks and fissures in walls and floorboards also helps to harden the offices against invasion and infestation. Staying vigilant about the telltale signs of pest presence is important as well. For instance, clumps of wood shavings may indicate termites while droppings are the calling cards of mice and rats. Getting the staff on board is important. Equally urgent is to enlist a cleaning service that understands their task to be more than vacuuming and emptying wastebaskets.

Truly effective office cleaning services follow a best practices approach to their work. Even before the appearance of the premises comes health. Making the facility sanitary and disinfecting common areas should be a priority. Eliminating pathogens and contaminants goes a long way toward repelling pests. Crumbs and even dried droplets of coffee or soda will summon bugs of all kinds. Good office cleaners recognize that substances that provoke infestation are not always visible to the naked eye. No, an office can not, and perhaps should not, be made hospital clean. Still, bathrooms and breakrooms are breeding grounds for insects, and should thus be completely disinfected.

Disposal of garbage requires daily attendance if pests are a problem. A receptacle with very little refuse–especially food–can not wait until tomorrow. Any lunch or doughnuts left out count as trash. Competent office cleaners must demonstrate a ruthless attitude toward such waste. Consulting employees about covering candy dishes at night is a duty of a reliable cleaning service. It might seem obsessive but it keeps the vermin at bay.

An office cleaning company worth retaining is one that puts employee health and safety on the same level as workplace aesthetics and presentation. Their workers might annoy the staff when leftover lunches are disposed of. But being spared a full-scale incursion of disease-bearing arthropods is certainly worth it.