How to prepare your office for flu season

Flu season is just around the corner! With that being said, it’s time to discuss with your employees on how to prepare and protect yourself against the winter illness. Here at Office Cleaning Las Vegas, LLC we help protect our employees! There are several details to share with your office on how to prepare for flu season. In fact, the flu can be prevented if certain procedures are implemented on a daily basis! Let’s take a look at some great habits that you can teach your office employees to do during flu season!

1. Teach the office about the flu virus.

This is an important one. You can’t prepare against something that you know nothing about. Before flu season arrives, make sure that they know everything about the virus!

The flu virus changes strands every year, and the CDC works hard to determine what the flu strands will be for the upcoming season. This is what helps them to create the flu vaccine each year.

Influenza usually infects people by coming into contact with them. For instance, if an infected person sneezes or coughs within 6 feet from you and you breathe in those droplets, you’ll likely become infected as well. OR, if you touch something that an infected person touched and then you touch your mouth, eyes or nose, then you’ll likely become infected as well.

Inform your employees that the flu is an upper respiratory illness that can quickly lead to pneumonia. Everyone is at risk but the highest risks are for the elderly, children, babies and those with chronic diseases. The flu almost always presents itself with immediate fatigue, high fever and body aches.

The incubation period for the flu is typically 24 to 48 hours. That’s a long time that a person can be infected before symptoms emerge!

2. Get the flu shot!

A great way to prevent the flu is to get the flu vaccine! They’re provided every year and need to be taken every year. Just because you took the flu vaccine two years ago does not mean that the vaccine is effective for the upcoming season. The flu shot greatly reduces your chances of becoming infected.

3. Deep clean the office

Cleanliness goes a LONG way to preventing illnesses. This includes the prevention of flu! Deep clean the office at least once a week throughout the flu season. This will prevent the buildup of germs, viruses and bacteria. Disinfectant wipes and cleaners state on the packaging that they kill certain viruses and bacteria…this includes Type A AND Type B influenza! Keep a clean office!

4. Disinfectant office tools and furniture DAILY

Honestly, this should be a practice to implement throughout the year, but it’s even more crucial during flu season. Every day, each employee should wipe down the countertops, keyboards, mice, pens, scissors, staplers, copiers, telephones, cell phones, door knobs and chair rails with disinfectant wipes. This may sound extreme, but it isn’t has much as it seems! You’d be surprised at how much this prevents you and others from getting infected with the flu.

5. Wash hands regularly

Everyone in the office needs to wash their hands throughout the day. Always wash your hands after you use the restroom and before and after you eat.

6. Use hand sanitizer regularly

After you’ve washed your hands, use hand sanitizer. It’s good practice to always keep this handy!

7. NEVER put your hands near your face!

Always keep your hands and fingers away from your face. Germs spread incredibly fast when you touch your face. Don’t rub your eyes, scratch your nose or mouth.

8. If an employee believes they’re sick, reassure them to stay home.

If an employee suspects they have the flu, encourage them to stay home. The last thing your office needs is for a sick employee to share the wealth. Stay safe by keeping the sick person quarantined from the office!
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